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Amy Huffman, CEO & Founder of Home Crafted Essentials (maker of Paditude) had been scheduled for a hysterectomy and had been struggling with anemia due to heavy cycles for years.  A friend shared with her about the benefits of cloth pads, an alternative to disposable menstrual pads. She decided to give them a shot and it did not take long for her experience amazing health benefits!  Changing to cloth pads shortened her cycle by 2 full days (eventually 3) and the side effects that she had experienced with disposable pads disappeared! Very soon, her anemia resolved, flood days disappeared & no more rashes, soreness, irritation, itchiness or odors!

Amy began extensively researching the affects of disposable pads on health and well-being.  She was amazed to learn that disposable pad manufacturers are not required to disclose what their pads are comprised of!  Many women are suffering from sides affects that appear to be linked to the chemicals and dioxins utilized in the disposable pads.

Many families have switched to cloth diapers, realizing toxins are absorbed through our skin and into our bloodstreams and we sure don't want our babies to be exposed!  What about ourselves?

While researching the use of cloth pads and comparing her own experience with that of many other women who had switched to cloth pads, the stories were consistent.  Many, many women experienced a variety of health and wellness improvements upon switching to cloth. 

Amy decided to design a pattern, develop a fabulous cloth pad, train others to sew, start a company, and launch a brand called “Paditude”.  Our main focus to educate families about reducing toxic overload ~ starting with ditching disposable pads.

Paditude Pads© are made from breathable fiber fabric that allow the free flow of air to hinder the growth of yeast and bacteria. They are cool and comfortable! With Paditude Pads©, women also don't have to deal with sticky adhesives any longer. And clean up is a breeze!

Our customers have shown they love to start with a base number of Paditude Pads©, but with our ever-changing, wide selection of beautiful fabrics, they quickly add to their stash.

Paditude Pads© are made of top quality materials for an affordable price. Billions of disposable pads are filling up our landfills globally.  Paditude reusable pads are an eco-friendly alternative that women everywhere are embracing.

Paditude Pads© are made in the USA by our trained team of cottage industry seamsters (mostly WAHM's-work at home moms & dads) who provide a fabulous product that is beautiful, functional and comfortable.

Amy Huffman has homeschooled her 6 children (ages 8-23) throughout the last 19 years and has been married to her husband, Scott, for 27 years. She formerly owned and operated Home and School Connection, the Educational Stores from 1998-2011.




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