Light/Petite Full Set

Plenty of Hand-Crafted, Paditude pads!  Enough for a full cycle for most women.

Many beautiful fabric choices!  

A variety of 22 Paditude pads including:
Quantity                 Size
      5               6" Liner or 7" Liner
      6               7" or 8" Moderate
      8               8" Heavy or 9" Moderate/Heavy
      3               10" or 11" Heavy (Overnight)

       Total Value $259.99
SALE Set Price $237.99
                 SAVE $22.00!!


FAQ with measurements, materials and more info click here.

Actual fabric placement will vary, but we will make it as cute as possible!

Light/Liner absorbency is excellent for everyday freshness, light menstrual days, and some say they are a blessing when coughing or sneezing!
Moderate absorbency is for moderate menstrual flow, light incontinence and they can be used for overnight if you are petite or have a light flow.
Heavy absorbency is for moderate to heavy menstrual flows, postpartum, overnight and moderate incontinence.